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React ES6

  • Posted on: 26 October 2016
  • By: albrechtjess

I've been working with a friend in understanding some of the new ES6 react construction. For starters I had to learn what ECMAScript and ES6 even were. I hadn't done much studying into the new release and it turns out the tutorial I had posted and done a month or so ago has changed and isn't the same. It was the ES5 tutorial and now can't be found. I've been working a bit on the new tutorial just to catch myself up on ES6 React.

The goal is to get a React page up of links to all the local Halo groups in the US so people can easily find local players to play with. The information will be loaded from a JSON document and accessed through React so that it can be updated from the front and back end without refreshing the page. I'm currently having troubles with retrieving the JSON files from the react server. Hopefully I can work it out soon, I'd really like to have something new to put on my resume that's not a school project :D